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This site is written by William Laughlin.

I have a Wife a daughter, and a son; they are my world!

I am a Project Designer from Upstate New York. I work designing machines for the Oil and Gas Industry using CAD (Siemens UGNX). I oversee the completion of projects in conjunction with Project Engineers, distribute work to Drafters, order materials for shop assembly, among a host of other duties .

I have a slight addiction to all things that are shiny, and powered by electricity. Design is important. Things need to function, but they should look good while doing what they do. If it is loud and can damage your eardrums than my ear is somewhere near the speaker.


This site in it's current form will be a place to post my thoughts on various topics ranging from music, technology, design, and wherever else my current mood may take me. Often posts will be linking to articles that I find interesting on the net with my own input on the subject, and occasionally I will provide (hopefully) insightful articles of my own. The goal is to become someone who has his own voice, and with that voice be able to provide compelling content for you to continue coming back for more, and in someway contribute to society.

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