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If at anytime I have a sponsorship on this site I will clearly mark any content as such. If I am talking about a product or service that is a current sponsor or has sponsored me in the past then I will do my best to remember to make sure that is stated in the same post that I am making mention of that sponsor's product or service. My goal with any sponsorship that is displayed here are going to be from companies whos products and services that I use, or would use myself, and deem trustworthy to pass along to you.

Product Reviews, Features and Mentions:

I would like to feature and review products and services I like or find interesting on this site. Before sending me send me a product to consider for review:

  1. Even though I try to stay on top of the latest and greatest tech, there are things I may not know about so please contact me to let me know about your product or service, but don't add me to any mailing lists without my permission.
  2. I don't guarantee anything. You can send me a product, promotion code, demo unit, whatever. But that doesn't guarantee I'll do anything, much less in a specific timeframe. Please do not continually solicite if I do not respond.
  3. If you're sending a physical product, be very clear on the terms in advance; including if you want it returned, timeframes and shipping arrangements. Otherwise, when I'm done with review units I will continue to use them, give them away or donate them to local groups, schools or other organizations. Once they're gone, they're gone.

FTC Notice:

Pursuant to 16 CFR Part 255, the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, please note:

(1) Software and hardware manufacturers and distributors routinely send me free versions of their products to review. I sometimes keep and continue to use these products that I did not pay for after posting my review, which might be considered a form of compensation for my review, but I do not believe that I let that influence my review.

(2) When I post links to product pages on Amazon or on the iTunes App Store, sometimes these links my links include a referral code so that when products are purchased after clicking on the link, I sometimes receive a very small percentage of the sale. While the amount that I receive is small, it does help to defray some of the cost of running this site, and gives me a small vested interest in having you purchase products using these links. I do not believe that I let that influence my review of products.

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My Work And Use:

You are free to share the work on this site provided you always include a link back to the original content and never reproduce more than 150 words at a time without my written permission. If you would like to use my work beyond this, just ask.

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