What's in a name?

If you visited this site before you may have noticed that the URL and title of the site has changed. I have been thinking about changing it for some time and since my old domain name was about to renew; I figured what better time to change the domain for my website?

I don't hate the old name and may use it at some point in the future for a project that I have. I originally thought of it for if I ever had an online "business". I don't make anything that I can sell, nor do I offer any services for contract work. I have ambitions, but time seems to be a wily beast that I can't seem to wrangle; allowing me to get to either of those points. The lack of time is evident with the amount of posting I do here. With the new name I am hoping to increase the frequency in my writing.

As far as the name goes, why not have my websites domain reflect who I am and use my name? There were variations of my name that I wanted to use for the domain but they were all taken.

laughl.in would have been a cool URL, but I'm satisfied with having the .net of my full name.