Jay-Z: Tidal Streaming Service

Tidal offers two price tiers: For $9.99 a month, Tidal Premium boasts standard quality sound along with high definition music videos. Tidal HiFi will cost $19.99 a month and features the Lossless High Fidelity sound quality that its competitors can't offer...

Oh Jay-Z...

$20 a month for music that I won't even own when I decide to cancel my service? I know, these are the days where streaming is king, but I have a hard time switching over and sticking with this trend. I currently have SiriusXM that came with my car and I only keep my it because when I try to cancel; they offer me another 6 months for $20. Then I realize when a song comes on that I like and I turn it up that the signal is so compressed and crappy sounding, that I really need to say no thank you the next time around.

I honestly don't understand offering the two tiers of streaming. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I am going to guess that the majority of the people who do subscribe are going to pay for the $9.99 standard streaming service. If the quality is anything less than 320 kbps for the standard streaming then he is really ripping people off.

I also love the end of the above quote

...sound quality that its competitors can't offer...

Apple knows a thing or two about quality when it comes to music. It will be intersting to see how the streaming space will end up, when they relaunch Beats and integrate it into all of their devices.

Shadows Fall guitarist guitar lessons

Jon Donais the lead guitarist for Shadows Fall and now Anthrax, has launched a website that is a typical bio site but will also includes learning content for guitar players.

In this site you'll find current news on Jon's projects and appearances as well as archived footage, pictures and some guitar tips for beginner and experienced guitarists. Click here to learn more about him and his musical journey so far.

Currently the site's lesson section has only one lesson about guitar warm ups, but there are a couple of lessons that are coming soon.

Will have to keep my eye on this. It's always interesting to get insight from skilled musicians.

Metal Blade Records $7.99 sale on iTunes

Image: Screenshot from the iTunes Store

Image: Screenshot from the iTunes Store

There are some really good albums here. They will most likely be on sale through Tuesday January 28, 2014.

Amon Amarth
"Deciever of the Gods" iTunes

"Whitechapel" iTunes

Between the Burried and Me
"The Parallax II: Future Sequence" iTunes

The Black Dahlia Murder
"Everblack" iTunes

"Opus Eponymous" iTunes

Cannibal Corpse
"Torture" iTunes

"War of Will" iTunes

Cattle Decapitation
"Monolith of Inhumanity" iTunes

"Valkyrja" iTunes

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
"Mind Control" iTunes

"Battle Maximus" iTunes

Shai Hulud
"Reach Beyond the Sun" iTunes

Six Feet Under
"Unborn" iTunes

"Symbiosis" iTunes

Rivers of Nihil
"The Conscious Seed of Light" iTunes

In Solitude
"Sister"** iTunes

Hail of Bullets
"Ill the Rommel Chronicles" iTunes

"Raging Death" iTunes

"Legions" iTunes

"Final Scrifice" iTunes

Black Label Society: New Album Coming in April

Black Label Society has a new album coming out on April 7, 2014 Called The Catacombs of the Black Vatican

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes. If you pre-order the album you will be able to download "My Dying Time" now.

"Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" track listing:

  1. Fields of Unforgiveness
  2. My Dying Time
  3. Believe
  4. Angel of Mercy
  5. Heart of Darkness
  6. Beyond the Down
  7. Scars
  8. Damn the Flood
  9. I've Gone Away
  10. Empty Promises
  11. Shades of Gray
  12. Dark Side of the Sun (Bonus track)
  13. The Nomad (Bonus track)

I can't wait for this record to come out!

Metallica adds it's video library to iTunes

For those of you who like to take your video with you, we are excited to announce that six of our titles are now available on iTunes for digital download for the first time ever.  Visit iTunes to download Français Pour une Nuit (Live from Nimes, France), Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México (Live from Mexico City), Cunning Stunts, S&M, Live Shit: Binge & Purge, and A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica. Currently these titles are available in North America... keep your eyes peeled here for news about the rest of the world coming soon.

Nice to see this come to the iTunes store. I wish that some of the older recordings were released in HD though, but I will take what I can get.

Metallica continuing their evolution

No sound samples yet, but as can be expected, Metallica's next album will be a departure from their last album. Well this can't be said for the loads, but they were originally slated to be released as a two disc set. Even with the early albums Metallica changed their sound, and that's what I love about them. Can't wait to hear the first of the hundreds of riffs Hetfield has stockpiled in iTunes. 

James Hetfield: "I only have 846 riffs."

Rolling Stone: Is that an exact figure?

James Hetfield: "In iTunes, you can see how many things you've got. And that does not include the soundchecks, the stuff we goof around with here. You plug in an amp. Suddenly it makes you feel good — you come up with a riff. 'Dude, did you get that?' You can't get away from being recorded here.

Metallica Comes to Spotify

Via: Metallica.com

Metallica on Spotify December 6, 2012

We're beyond excited to announce that music from every single Metallica album is now streaming on Spotify! In our never ending quest for total control of the way our music is presented, we always make it a point to be sure that we are offering you the very best service by partnering with ground-breaking technology companies. So with that said, we are extremely proud to be a part of Spotify, who not only has a proven track record, but is by far the best streaming service.

Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 and has grown into a massive world-wide service with on-demand access to over 20 million songs. You can create and manage all your play-lists, share them with your friends and add to them by importing MP3's you already own. Now you can also take Spotify with you through their new mobile app.

We're always looking for more ways to get our music out to you, whether it's streaming live videos through our tour page on this site or offering downloads of live shows through LiveMetallica.com. Connecting with Spotify was the next logical step and we can't wait to see what the future brings!

Sounds awesome! I have read a couple articles on this subject, and of course Napster is brought up. (How can it not since the cofounder of Napster, Sean Parker is associated with Spotify?) However these people who are acting like Metallica destroyed their free for all on music need to move on. It's getting old, it has been old for that matter. Love them or hate them, there is no other band that can claim to have accomplished as much as they have. Looking forward to see where their own label takes them, and being fans of music themselves what new artists they introduce to the world!