Metallica continuing their evolution

No sound samples yet, but as can be expected, Metallica's next album will be a departure from their last album. Well this can't be said for the loads, but they were originally slated to be released as a two disc set. Even with the early albums Metallica changed their sound, and that's what I love about them. Can't wait to hear the first of the hundreds of riffs Hetfield has stockpiled in iTunes. 

James Hetfield: "I only have 846 riffs."

Rolling Stone: Is that an exact figure?

James Hetfield: "In iTunes, you can see how many things you've got. And that does not include the soundchecks, the stuff we goof around with here. You plug in an amp. Suddenly it makes you feel good — you come up with a riff. 'Dude, did you get that?' You can't get away from being recorded here.